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I live in South London with my boyfriend, my 14 year old son, sometimes my grown-up step-sons and 2 great big dogs.

I had the idea for Scootasoot years ago, when I used to scoot my son to school roughly ¾ of a mile every day. It wasn’t until I was made redundant from my job, auditing factories in China for a games company that I actually gave it a go. I bought the least expensive sewing machine in Argos and some truly awful shiny pink fabric (it was cheap and I needed LOTS!) and over the course of about 3 weeks I had a vision of a waterproof all-in-one which closed with magnets. It weighed practically nothing and could be crammed down into a bag so it could always be handy. I thought the most difficult part was over, but the textile industry is really quite a closed book. Nobody is very forthcoming with contacts or advice and it is by chance I wrote to nearly 60 companies before I found the fantastic British manufacturer that make Scootasoots for me.

There are many reasons I would encourage you to buy a Scootasoot. They make children more visible with the bright colours and reflective tape, they keep them dry but are breathable so they don’t overheat. The hood only works if you have a helmet on – we are continually being made aware of the dangers of not wearing a helmet. The ear and tail accessories are a fun touch, children look so, so cute with ears and a tail! The Velcro straps at the wrists and ankles means the Scootasoot can be a snug fit even on teeny weeny hands and feet. The beauty of the whole side opening up via magnets means no shoes need to be taken off to get it on and off.

The whole Scootasoot can be packed away into its own hood and weighing just 398g (for the largest Scootasoot with accessories) it isn’t cumbersome to take with you every day. Infact, an entire waterproof suit with ears and a tail isn’t as heavy as my purse and keys! This is England, there is good reason why we are all obsessed with the weather – we never know what we are going to get!

If you have a moment, please share pictures of your little person having fun in their Scootasoot. There’s a family trip to Legoland up for grabs, but you have to be in it to win it!


With love, Lotty xxx

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