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Ears & tail Red


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Ears and a tail are available in the 3 colours of the Scootasoot, they are quite simple, but look fantastic! We are working on growing the range, but for now we have piggy, cat or bunny. They have Velcro which simply attaches to the Velcro squares the Scootasoot is supplied with. They don’t pose any problems to stuffing the suit into the hood, there is still enough space. There are lots of images dotted around the website of my lovely little models with ears and tails on their Scootasoot. (This image shows bunny ears and tail) Price includes VAT.


Additional information

Ears & Tails

Cat, Bunny, Piglet

Measurement areaLarge ScootasootMedium ScootasootSmall Scootasoot
Arm length46 cm44 cm40 cm
Neck - groin length50 cm42cm38 cm
Inside leg length56 cm50 cm42 cm
Entire suit length100 cm84 cm74 cm
Shoulder width38 cm32 cm28 cm

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