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Scootasoot Blue


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Scootasoot in Electric Blue. Unique breathable, portable, waterproof all-in-one for children aged 18 months to 7 years. The Scootasoot opens down the whole of one side and closes via magnets sewn into the seam. It is incredibly easy to get on and off – you don’t even need to remove your shoes, so you can whip it out of your bag and stay dry on the go!
The hood is designed specifically to go over a helmet, we all know how important children’s safety is.
The Scootasoot will help you be seen at murky times like dawn and dusk, owing to reflective tape that conforms to safety standard EN1150 for visibility. Lengths of light reflecting tape are sewn along the shoulder, down the length of the magnetic opening at the side and around the wrists and ankles. In addition, there are Velcro straps at the wrists and ankles allowing you to achieve the perfect, comfortable fit. There is a small length of elastic sewn into the back, to give a little bit of shape and every Scootasoot is made with Velcro squares sewn on to accommodate ears and a tail.
When you take the Scootasoot off, you can hang it on a peg to dry or stuff it into the hood through the zip in the hood. There’s plenty of space, you don’t have to faff around or fold it a certain way, then you can carry it round in the bottom of your bag. The largest Scootasoot, including ears and a tail weighs less than 390g. That’s the weight of my purse and keys!
It will keep you dry without making you all hot and sweaty too.

Small fits 18mths – 3 years
Medium fits 3 – 5 years
Large fits 5 – 7 years

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Small, Medium, Large

Measurement areaLarge ScootasootMedium ScootasootSmall Scootasoot
Arm length46 cm44 cm40 cm
Neck - groin length50 cm42cm38 cm
Inside leg length56 cm50 cm42 cm
Entire suit length100 cm84 cm74 cm
Shoulder width38 cm32 cm28 cm

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