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Why Scootasoot?

Close up shot of the magnet mechanism of a Scootasoot -

Ease of use

Magnets are sewn into the seam from the neck, across the shoulder, round the arm and down the length of the body and leg. This allows very fast fitting and removal of the suit, with the magnets separating and pairing easily.

(NB Magnets are safe in the Scootasoot. They can be a choking hazard, but it is impossible to access the magnets as they are attached to a plastic square and sewn multiple times into the seams)


The whole Scootasoot can be shoved into the hood once it is taken off. It doesn’t need to be carefully folded a certain way! You can thrust it all away into the zip in the hood if it needs to go in your bag, or you can hang it on your peg to dry… it dries in no time. The largest Scootasoot with ears and a tail weighs less than 400g!
Close up shot of the hood with custom ears of a Scootasoot -
Close up shot of the wrist of a Scootasoot -

The Perfect Fit at the wrists and ankles

Velcro is sewn into the wrists and ankles so even if the suit is a bit too big, you can adjust it to the perfect fit. This also means children don’t have to remove their shoes to get the suit on, so they won’t get wet feet.

Safety standard EN1150

Scootasoot meets the requirements for the European Standard for Safety EN1150. The reflective tape is intended to signal the user’s presence visually in any daylight condition and, when illuminated by vehicle headlights or search lights in the dark as well as lit up in urban roads. It helps your child be seen at dawn and dusk, helpful on the school run.
Close up shot of the safety material of a Scootasoot -
All-in-one waterproof childrens outerwear -


We have developed unique ears & tails in the same colours as the Scootasoots. These attach by Velcro which is sewn as standard onto all suits.
Currently available are cat, bunny and piglet in bright red, electric blue or fluorescent yellow

Pop off hood

The hood is attached via a small popper. This is in case it gets caught on something, it just pops off. The hood is made large, specifically sized so it fits over a helmet.
Close up shot of the hood of a Scootasoot -

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